Certified Realtime Reporters

Request a Realtime Reporter and find out how realtime can save you money. Advantages of a realtime deposition include - but not limited to - summary of deposition at conclusion of depo and the ability to make notes and highlight important areas during the deposition for later reference. No special equipment necessary. We provide all equipment at the deposition to ensure a successful connection every time.

Certified Legal Videographers

We have videographers that have been certified as Certified Legal Video Specialists through NCRA that use the latest video equipment available.  Livenote Multimedia Specialist.  No case is too small or too large for McCann Reporting!

Realtime Internet Streaming

Would you really like to have an expert attend, but travel and expenses are not in the budget?  Request Internet Realtime Streaming!  You are able to have the ability to instant message with your expert(s) while examining witnesses through secure chat rooms while your experts are able to see and hear everything in the conference room.